OpenGnSys 2.0 Release Candidate 0

We are plased to announce OpenGnSys 2.0 Release Candidate 0.

What's new

  • New Admin interface, extensible by plugins, internationalizable and written in python.
  • Mobile admin interface to manage opengnsys from your smart phone.
  • Database abstraction using sqlalchemy. Now is possible to use mysql, postgresql, sqlite, oracledb without changing anything.
  • New client/server communication protocol using http and SSL secure authentication in both sides (client and server).


First steps

For Ubuntu 10.04:

  • In the web server:
    • Download Web interface in web server, uncompress it and read the INSTALL file.
  • In the repo (can be the web server):
    • Install Repo dependencies:
      • python (2.7)
      • python-openssl
      • subversion (is needed to install the repo)
      • samba
      • dnsmasq
    • Download the script to generate a repo uncompress it and execute it as root.
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