Project Description

OpenGnSys (Open Genesis) is based on a modular architecture separated into different service layers which allows its implementation in several educational and organizational IT environments, both in a centralized or distributed way. The main management of the system is carried out by means of a simple web interface which supports delegated administration. OpenGnSys is also suitable for isolated environments, being able to work in network failure conditions (offline mode).


From the point of view of clients, OpenGnSys Project is constituted by a set of separate modules in different layers of services.

  • The bottom layer is responsible for direct access to client devices and motor functions of cloning.
  • An intermediate layer consisting of a set of tools to perform complex tasks and environment customization.
  • Management module consists of a simple and intuitive web interface that permits common tasks to manage software distribution to the clients.

Overall, OpenGnSys is a modular system that integrates a set of interrelated components and can be adapted to a variety of possible work settings. These components consist of standard services (file servers, web, database, DHCP, PXE, ...) and custom-developed tools for the project (cloning engine, console web, browser ad hoc, management daemons repository and server, ...) which in combination comprise the whole OpenGnSys system.

OpenGnSys Server

Essential services of the deployment system needed for the boot process and initial configuration of the clients.

OpenGnSys Web Administrator

Centralized web management console (web pages, web services, etc.) with support for delegated administration, allowing control of all system components.

OpenGnSys Repository Manager

Hard disk image repository manager for any of the Organizational Units defined in the OpenGnSys Web Administrator. One or several modules can be found depending on the Organizational structure.

OpenGnSys Client Agent

Agent that executes commands on the client, which integrates the following features:

  • Graphical interface to select options predefined by the administrator.
  • Interactive execution of Cloning Engine functions (administrator mode only).
  • Execution of the tasks sent from the OpenGnSys Web Administrator module.

OpenGnSys Clonning Engine

Function libraries to clone, install, deploy and boot operating systems on the clients.

OpenGnSys Installer

Software to install, upgrade and removal the system, which includes the settings generator, the clients boot generator, the component package builder, etc.


OpenGnSys is a modular system that can be used in different scenarios within an Institution, both educational and organizational.

Educational Scenarios

OpenGnSys can lend support to some of the educational settings defined by the Working Group-Net Teaching RedIRIS.

  • Teaching Classroom: management and implementation of software installation in the computers of teachers, with possibility to customize the settings according to user requirements.
  • Computer Lab: implementing methods of independent support for students and teachers PCs.
  • Open Computer Lab: methods of deploying computers for students, grouped according to the needs identified for each position or for each user profile.

Organizational Scenarios

The project can be implemented to provide support in other settings defined in an Institution, such as:

  • Information Services.
  • Helpdesk for employment computers.
  • Servers Deployment in Data Center.


OpenGnSys was created in May 2009 after the Working Groups RedIRIS held in Malaga in an effort to integrate several projects in development:

  • Brutalix, University of Zaragoza
  • Entorno Avanzado de Clonación (EAC), University of Málaga.
  • Web Hidra Interface, University of Seville.
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